The Leather Oaks Garden -- Spring 1995

One Year of Growth!

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View to the SouthWest It had been less than a year since Leather Oaks, the Rural Location began its new Garden Identity, but the spring show put on by the old azaleas added emphasis to the great progress made. The guys had prepared the beds so well for the new plantings that nothing even hesitated, but seemed to just get in there and grow!
     This photo mostly highlights the old established bed. You can get an idea of how early in the year this photo was by the fact that the Live Oaks were in bloom, too! The Southwest Corner Rules!
Front Porch Plantings      The only photo I could find of the back yard, but what a great view. Even the newly planted Azaleas got in the blooming act. I think I must have been standing near the Rubber Creek headwaters to take this shot. If I'd been a few feet to the right, that pesky pine wouldn't have been blocking the view of the pond.