The Leather Oaks Garden -- 1996 Season

Two Years and Growing!

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View from the SouthWest Corner Sometimes to get the best view, you have to step way back from your target. This photo was taken as close to the Southwest corner of the lot as possible. Can it be only two growing seasons since it all began? Let's step outside the fence for a moment and see how it appears from there.
     Yep! It seems that privacy is already happening. Lot cheaper than board fences, and Mother Nature does most of the upkeep. Mark was right -- Carolina Jasmine does fill out faster than the Confederate variety. But the latter has the better blossoms, I think. Let's go back inside now. Privacy plantings working rapidly!
Front Porch Plantings      We selected low boxwoods for the front plantings, although there are a few dwarf hollies too. Here more patience is needed, but the giant liriope is doing well.
     The magic tunnel is beginning to earn its name! I wonder how many years before we'll be walking UNDER that Fatsia Japonica? Well, a fella can dream, can't he? Magic Tunnel at Two
The Shady Un-lawn!      Only two years old, and some areas clearly were NOT going to do what Mark had in mind. He hadn't considered how extremely dark this area stays. The grass is almost gone, but the Hostas are doing fine, and I bet there's going to be a lot more ferns here in a year or two!
      Further into the incipient marsh, and it appear that Neptune is already at home here. Oh, I should explain: Originally there was no path intended through this way. It would come later. Deeper into the Marsh
Rubber Creek Headwaters      Finally, we get to a water feature! The headwaters of the Rubber Creek are beginning to develop that dark, forboding appearance for which they're so often ignored.
      This appears to be the only photo of the Leather Oaks Pond from the period. What we thought would be an ideal vantage point sometimes is not as inspiring as one would hope. Of course, it would have helped a whole lot if the camera had been closer to the pond! I was also facing a huge battle over encroaching wild privet from just past the North fence line. It really wanted to hog all the light back there!
     The linked photo shows an expanded perspective of the same view.
Leather Oaks Pond at Two!
Looking out at Southwest Corner In a way, the changes are least visible in this area. But, it's always a restful view. I'm imagining that as Mark's creation matures, this scene will become even more enjoyable!