The Leather Oaks Garden -- September 1998

The First Tour Photos!

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Front Walk The other year, my place was on a Pond Tour. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open your yard to some unknown number of strangers? I'd gotten a little foretaste the year before. Some of the folks whose places were on the tour were simply invisible, while others lounged about on their patio, and answered questions as visitors posed them.
     My preference was for a guided tour approach, and that's what I tried to give folks as they showed up in pairs, quartets or what have you. Regardless, this scene is what would greet them as they came down my driveway.
     By early Fall of 1998, after four full growing seasons, even the front porch plantings were coming into their own. Front Porch Plantings
The Magic Tunnel at a Distance      This is another photo that would be hard to duplicate now. The area between the house and garage may be small, but it's always beautiful to me.
     The Fatsia Japonica has indeed almost gotten tall enough to walk under, and it's only taken four short years!
      On the tour I tell guests that they're passing through a Magic Tunnel as we walk down this little path.
The Magic Tunnel at Four
The Marshy Pathway      After two years, the grass was almost all gone from this area. I asked Steve, the manager at Season's Nursery for help in revitalizing it. His suggestion was replant it as a marsh, and recommended several plants to use along with native ferns.
      A neighbor helped me gravel all of the paths. This one was so narrow, I had to bring the crushed limestone in one garden cart at a time!
      A closer view along the new Marshy Pathway.
      Look! Isn't that Neptune up ahead? Wow, he's really moved into the woods!
Marshy Path towards Neptune's Knoll
Neptune's Knoll      Neptune was I guess my third statue, and he's become my outdoor favorite. For one thing, he's a good listener.
     And very observant too, our Neptune. He's kept this little scene almost to himself, though.
      Yep, if you turn back, as if Neptune is looking over his left shoulder, this is what you would see. The deep woods effect belies the fact that the next trail is a scant 20 feet through the shrubbery!
Neptune's woodsy view
Path towards the Pond Well, folks were probably beginning to wonder if there really was a pond out here. Sure doesn't seem to be much sign along this trail.
      We'll mention the Sago Palm later, but right now I'm trying to avoid a revolt!
     Wow! The Diver's Deep is beginning to look like a serious destination! Was this the year the fish made it up the stream by themselves? Maybe that was a little later.
      I do know this marks the midpoint of today's tour. Please click the photo to continue on to the pond and other good things!
Diver's Deep at Four