The Leather Oaks Garden -- 2002 Makeover

So you think I'M overgrown??

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This Page Created on January 24th, 2008
Cluttered Pond! After the 2001 Tour, I began thinking seriously of freshening the Pond. After all, it had made it seven years without much more than trimming. As the photo at the left will indicate, a vegetation trim is not so necessary as a horticultural remake!
     This photo from the Pond's "back side" just makes it clearer that a little bit of art is missing. The pond surface is almost 100 percent anacharis, though . . . . Leather Oaks Pond is Overgrown!
Pat plotting strategy      Pat and his wife Melann responded to my calls for help. Here Pat tries to figure what to remove first!
     Well, it appears that Pat selected "all of the above" as his decision. I think he had some help in that determination. LeatherOaks Pond Operation Devegetation
The last Net-full!      Pat says he doesn't do silt, and we both kind of liked my fish, so I guess that's about as far as we can go in the removal mode.
      No, I think my Golden Orfe needs to continue his life, Pat! I do agree that the stone in the middle of the pond should make a better place for the Piping Boy statue, though. Pan-fryable Golden Orfe?
Pipe Overseeing the Replanting!      This is the most activity that Pipe has seen in several years.
     You think those little plants are going to be enough for this big pond?
     The Piping Boy flutes over the now replanted pond.
      It's going to be a good while before he can hide again, it would appear!
Pipe in replanted pond
Newly planted Pond Closeup Pat appears to be gazing towards the off camera biological filter. It's usually thoroughly hidden by other plantings, but adds its own music most of the time.
     Pat and his team did a great job of leaving the area better than they found it! There's undoubtedly fewer undesirable plants than the area has seen in years! Policing the area
Almost Done!      Is it just my imagination, or is the water already beginning to clear?
     The job is complete! And my big Golden Orfe is not hiding -- is this a good sign? Leather Oaks Pond afer Makeover
Leather Oaks Pond looking South      Thanks, Pat and Melann! This is surely a big improvement.