The Leather Oaks Garden -- Summer 2006 Photos

From the Amazing Recovery Department, with a little help from Wolf

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This Page Created on February 13th, 2008
The Tour's a little informal this year!      It was most gratifying to see how fast the Leather Oaks Garden recovered from the hurricane blues. The next two pages highlight some of the best views as Mother Nature did a great job of forgetting the past.
     There wasn't a formal tour this year, but that shouldn't prevent us from seeing everything that's interesting!
     Owing to the traumas that the marshy path endured, we have to take a different route this year. The Leather Oaks Memorial Bell Tower is now almost surrounded by protecting shrubbery! Leather Oaks Memorial Bell Tower in shrubberied captivity
Leather Oaks Pond from afar      A long view of the Leather Oaks Pond. Everything was most cooperatively green. That's my new privacy fence in the background. It shields us from viewing the barren landscape just North of the pond.
     I wonder what it would be like to just plunge right into the middle of the Pond? That appears at first glance to have been Wolf's vantage point for this photo. I think it was made near the Rubber Creek looking away from the Memorial Bell Tower. Pond Teaser View
Leather Oaks Pond and Pipe       A more conventional view of the pond looking North. The water was clear, but despite restocking with several different gold fish varieties, all one ever sees are these slender little greying black fish!
      This broader picture shows what a variety of plants had recovered into abundance, all in only ten months time! Leather Oaks Pond Broad Perspective
Blooming Lily amidst the Iris      My water lilies are normally so surrounded by tall iris and taller papyrus that they don't get to bloom a whole lot.
     I don't know the make or model of this lily. It was one of two or three different varieties I've found in roadside ditches over the years. Those tiny white flowers near the lily leaves are from the aquatic plant anacharis. Water  Lily over anacharis
Wolf amidst the Holly Berries      There wouldn't have been any garden photos this year without the help of my friend Wolf. His visits from New Orleans have helped me see Leather Oaks in a different light. Thanks Wolf, for everything!
      There's a link on this photo to the second page of the 2006 non-tour Tour. I know you're wanting to see Neptune and his pals again.