The Leather Oaks Garden -- Spring 2008

Restocking the pond after the Great Rebuild!

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The first plantings are in!      Most of the plants formerly in the Leather Oaks pond had grown so large as to be unmanageable. A few were salvaged and placed in plastic containers, then reseated on the pond's gravel bottom. A few bunches of anacharis were worked directly into the gravel bottom of the pond.
     This photo of Adrian shows two things. Taken as it was from the Western shore, you can just make out the umbrella palms in front of the Sago Palm. But, note that the shoreline near Adrian is still dreadful! Help is coming, trust us! Adrian's Corner looks better in the water
Adrian and the Pickerel Rush      One sad-looking pickerel rush was salvaged. Those hardy plants will most likely soon be making a good show.
     At least, I believe this is horsetail. It's also called scouring rush, but we haven't tried that application. The plant was a donation from a fellow Pond Society member. Horsetail sighted!
      A panoramic view, taken ten days after the photos above! Notice that the area behind Adrian is now freshly gravelled. A four inch French drain was installed below the surface to reduce ground water pressures on the pond liner.
Panoramic View of replanted Pond
      Ten days have done a lot of work on the water quality, but it won't really stay clear until we get more bottom plants in place. Pipe and Adrian rejoice in clearer water!
Pickerel Rush Plus Ten Days      You see what ten days growth does to the pickerel rush? And we weren't even looking, most of the time!
     A view from the North of the replanted pond. Raising the average water level by adding height to the East pond wall makes the South wall look more realistic. Adrian and Pipe viewed towards the House
Adrian and the Frozen Frog Falls      We had mentioned earlier that the biological filter was raised, and the old waterfall re-worked. Here's the first direct view of the results. Our Frozen Frog was relaxing between major aquatic outbursts, it would appear.
     It's June Tenth, about fifty days after we finished replanting the pond. Just thought you'd like to see what less than two months can do!

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Leather Oaks Pond at 50 days!