The Leather Oaks Garden -- Spring 2008

Turtle-Friendly Remake of the Schematic Stream!
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Nine Segments of Schematic Pond in Place      Well, this is a big change! It appears that the last three segments have been installed, and do I see some object in the planter tub?
     Yes, there they are, and just as I had imagined them. It sure is good that so much earth had to be dug out to seat the planter tub. I don't know if there would have been enough fill otherwise!

Yes, that is the old Diver's Deep feature. It had become almost impossible to view at its old location in the Diver's Grotto along the Rubber Creek. The owners kindly allowed its use here, but I'm sure they'll be moving part of their operations up this way, too!

The last three Segments
The new Schematic Stream, viewed from the South      This foreshortened view shows how much more compactly aligned the pondlets are this time. It wasn't exactly the intent, but they had to be where they would fit, within reasonable agreement with the slope of the yard!
     Thanks to leaving the water running, we were able to salvage all of our plants. In this photo, the aquatic plants are already back in place. We'll be setting ground covers along the edges of the pondlets in the next few photos. Aquatic Plants back in place
      The Parrot's Feather is already doing great! And, Louisiana Iris look right at home in the planter tub. Hopefully, they won't completely overpower our Dive Feature!

The metal structure in the bottom right of the photo explains why we're holding off on too many border plantings. My FM antenna tower is to be reinstalled soon.

First Panoramic View, post Rebuild!
      The ground cover plantings were rescued from my main garden path, supplementing the monkey grass that had been saved for this area. We're still weeding out an occasional shoot of Trailing Daisy, but they're losing ground!
Second Panoramic View at Six Weeks
      The ground cover plants were rescued from my main garden path: They had strayed far from their intended location, so it was truly "found material"!

Notice those little black specks on the Dive Feature? Yep, they're tadpoles. A few days later, my yard was swarming with tiny Southern Toads! The amphibians around these parts seem to be very early adopters, as the Schematic Stream had only been rebuilt about six weeks!

Schematic Stream at Six weeks
      The wooden planks are the most obvious sign of changes at Leather Oaks! The Rubber and Rawhide Railroad has obtained trackage rights across the Schematic Stream. This photo shows the roadbed for the initial phase of the new layout.
Trackage rights invade the Schematic Stream
      A closer view of the Schematic Stream. The Railroad management has asserted that they will make every effort to maintain and even enhance the natural beauty of the area!
Schematic Stream and Railway Roadbed