The Leather Oaks Garden -- Spring 2008

Photos from the Garden

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The Magic Portal Beckons yet Again!      What would we do without the magic portal? Even though I get to enter it at will, it never ceases to calm and encourage. The Fatsia's still shedding its huge leaves, but the ferns are already frilly and verdant.
     Let's move ahead and see what else is greenly ready for us.
     The marshy path is looking as inviting as usual, if a little damp. But, have we met this bronze trio before? How were they able to just move in and plant a new pond here? Let's take a closer look and see what they have to say. Marshy Path and Bronze Trio
Bronze Youth and a Keg      I'm sure there's a story behind this. What can be in the keg that it takes a young man and two boys to handle it?! Seems to be good for the fish and the plants, though. "Ya'll carry on now, you hear?"
     You see the four stacks of red rubber circlets? They're cut from the round red rubber circles to convert them into red rubber crescents. The round red rubber circles weren't staying in place properly on the edge of the Bronze Trio's pond. Took almost twice as many round red rubber circles to make the needed quantity of red rubber crescents, but nothing's too good for our Bronze Trio! The Bronze Trio and their Red Rubber Surround
Moving along the Marshy Path       Moving right along the marshy path, it's usually about here that we get a glimpse of our most agresssively aquatic resident. Hail Neptune, are you home?
      Ooh, sorry! We didn't mean to intrude. That was a rather wet night, wasn't it? Well, we know that aquatic things are always well controlled by your magnificence! Neptune, partially wet!
Our Potted Frog      Folks have told us that we really need to give our potted frog a misssion in life. A purpose, as it were, to pot.
     Our resident Sago Palm 'Pup" is actually a parent! It's true! ! After fourteen years, he hardly has to show a club card to be admitted into the panoply of parents. A recent check revealed that there are now at least three heads to our pup. He's accomodated very well to the greater light shed on his area, with his taller fronds now once more a luxuriously deep green. Our mature Sago Pup