The Leather Oaks Garden -- Spring 2009

A Garden Tour in the Early Spring!

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This Page Created on April 5th, 2009
The Leather Oaks Front Walk greeting Apollo      The Leather Oaks garden tour is starting earlier and earlier, and we're not just speaking of the season! With the advent of the new statuary, we've taken another look at our front walk. Apollo Belvedere greets folks even before I do!
     The Magic Portal is once again living up to its name. Just a few weeks after having all last year's growth cut back, the ferns are already sending out new growth, and the Fatsias have just about finished their spring bloom and berry phase. The magic Portal Beckons
The Marshy Path and shady azaleas      The Marshy Path is if anything looking even moister, although the ferns haven't made quite as much progress here. Do I see new construction on the right? I don't recollect those red castle rocks before!

Let's walk over that way and see what's happening. Mind the tracks, now!

     Wait now! This isn't what we were looking at. I know, it's the Rubber Creek Headwaters, and their new sentinel, the Parasol Frog. Season's Springs is just under that big rock escarpment, but as usual almost inaccessible. Season's Springs and the Parasol Frog
The Bronze Trio at the East Bamboo Wall We don't know much about the Bronze Trio. Could find no reference in Greek or Roman mythology to any such use of youth power to hold a forever emptying keg.

We do know they have a rather deep little lagoon here. Several rather shy fish also call their place home. Small yes, but they're growing, just the same!

This being an early spring tour, it would be nice to see some azaleas. And do I see my old friend Neptune deep in the shadows? Let's move closer and say, "Hello"! Neptune in Deep Shaded Azlaeas
Neptune's Lagoon "Mornin' Neptune, how are your aquatic charges?" Neptune's Lagoon is home to some good-sized goldfish. And, it's not unusual for two or three frogs to be seen enjoying the moist shade out here.
     Remember the Diver's Deep? We weren't sure what would become of the place when the Divers moved their shop up to the Schematic Stream. If anything, it's more of interest now than before. This is a neat view taken from alongside the Rubber Creek as the Rilly Rapids slow to form the Hidden Grotto. Hidden Grotto on the Rubber Creek
Hidden Grotto Closer View      It's a mite close quarters for many to view at once. But, if you're real patient, you will see some small fish weaving through the anacharis.
      There's a link on this photo to the second page of the 2009 Spring Tour. I bet we make it to Leather Oaks Pond pretty soon now!