The Leather Oaks Garden -- Spring 2009

A Garden Tour in the Early Spring!
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Adrian at Pond Side      The Leather Oaks Pond's new resident appears right at home. We admit this is not the first view folks get of him, but Adrian's a bit touchy if you approach unexpected. The Umbrella Palms were cleared of dead growth just a few short weeks ago.
     We could use anacharis as a cash crop, as it grows so abundantly here! Despite that, the reflections tell us that the water is crystal clear. Good work, Adrian!

That's the East Trestle landing to the left of Adrian. The Rubber and Rawhide Northern Mainline passes through here, but there is a no-whistle rule in effect, so you'll usually not even notice the trains.

Adrian at the East Trestle Landing
Pipe at the Western Shore      Our old pal Pipe seems right at home in his new corner! The parrot's feathers really like the place too, but our Scouring Rush have done wonderfully well!
Backtracking to the East, we should be heading for the Bridge Over Lake Orin, but first . . . .

We didn't mention my little Sago Palm, first off because he's not little any more. He's got two or three pups of his own. But the other thing is, he's got a new neighbor. My bronze Arab on Horseback, copy of a 19th Century work by Louis Barye, seems perfectly situated here. He had understandably felt rather crowded the eighteen months or so he spent on my front porch. Somehow he found out about this little corner, and we couldn't say no!

He goes by the name, Horse. Please don't say, "Hoss": We don't want to find out how good he is with those two knives he's got tucked in his belt!

Arab on Horseback
Railroad Bridge over Rubber Creek We've not seen any photos yet, but word has it that patrons of the Rubber and Rawhide's Sago and Horse Route get a really spectacular view of Fazzio Falls. Unfortunately, all we could find today was this picture of the new Railroad bridge over Rubber Creek.
The greenery around the Rubber Creek Headwaters is already so luxurious, it's hard to get a view of the stream. This view shows the section between Fazzio Falls and Season's Springs. Isn't that the Parasol Frog, just visible at the right? Maybe there's another photo linked for your view! Season's Springs
Celebrated Spitting Frog Our Celebrated Spitting Frog has gotten a lot more dependable of recent times. And less unpredictable too, so your chances of a shower are much lower! I think it's easier to see him when the sun is not quite so bright.
Somehow, we didn't get many good springtime photos of the Leather Oaks Memorial Bell Tower. The azaleas are all bloomed out now, alas, but the Rubber and Rawhide Railroad shot this great photo for us, of course featuring their rather colorful passenger train!

But Tower Lovers, Rejoice! Last December, the Authorities gave it a new light job. It's all in brilliant blue, except for those funny old colored lights around the "Bell"! The linked photo was made at dusk one day in early April. We'll try to catch a better shot when the lillies are in bloom.

Memorial Bell Tower in Daylight and Dusk
Favorite Pond View From our usual vantage point on the South Shore, the Leather Oaks Pond is looking pretty good at fifteen!
      There's a link on this photo to the third page of the 2009 Spring Tour. You'll probably find one more photo of the Leather Oaks Pond, from AWAY up!