The Leather Oaks Garden -- Spring 2009

A Garden Tour in the Early Spring!
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This Page Created on April 5th, 2009
Tower Room View of Leather Oaks Pond      The Leather Oaks Pond, as viewed from my Tower Room. This photo was taken on one of our many recent rainy days, which always weights the Chinese Bamboo down. But yes, it does need a little pruning!
Despite the encroachment of my new Garden Railway, the Schematic Stream continues to improve. In a way, the Rubber and Rawhide has opened up new areas to highlight. The three switchbacks of the Serpentine that cross the stream naturally divide it into smaller, more focussed views.

The deep, kidney-shaped basin is home to a variety of mostly nondescript fish. And, not surprisingly, one or two leopard frogs are almost always within one jump of its protective waters!

Schematic Stream's Lower Segments
The Schematic Stream's middle segments again show how much aquatic plants seem to thrive at Leather Oaks. And, the Aguba is doing a pretty good job at covering the formerly rather barren shores of the stream.
Schematic Stream's Middle Segments
Our old Dive Feature is now almost a focal point on the Rubber and Rawhide Railroad. That big 180 degree bend that the mainline makes leaving the front porch is known as "Diver's Loop"! The parrot's feather and iris are so dense, you can just make out the track from the Serpentine in the background.

Our dive buddies still want us to call it the "Diver's Deep", though. Come to think of it, the depth is greater here than on the Rubber Creek!

Diver's Deep on the Schematic Stream
Hercules on the Azalea Trail We've just left the last water feature, so we're calling the rest of this page, Azalea Trail Heroes!

To our left, Ladies and Gentlemen, you'll find Hercules in that dramatic pose just after he finished his Twelve Labors!

Next on the trail is Discobolos. The lucky athlete stands in an important corner on Leather Oaks. Off his right shoulder, almost under the outstretched disk, is the Grandaddy Sago Palm. The shade is always dense here, but we're talking of a huge plant. The azaleas in his corner are also the oldest on the lot, as they pre-date my purchase of the place. Discobolos at GrandDaddy Sago Palm
Aspidistras and Azaleas at Discobolos Plaza The aspidistras have always thrived in this corner, and really serve to set off the azaleas. There's a bench to the right of Discobolos Plaza that invites lingering.
Marcellus, the famous Roman General presides over another shady corner. In this case, the shade is thanks to the towering stand of Chinese Bamboo. His azaleas are younger, but just as colorful. Marcellus on the Azalea Trail
Jupiter's Summit In a few weeks, Jupiter will be looking out on a bed of Iris blossoms. For now, he must bid you adieu.
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