The Leather Oaks Garden -- Earliest Photos

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This Page Created on January 12th, 2008
Great Trees and think of the Opportunities! Arlene almost had me sold when we first pulled in front of this place! The yard was much smaller than the one on Lameuse Street, but it was sure shady! She hastened to tell me that the satellite dish would NOT be part of the deal!
Here's an even better view of the handsome Live Oak that was such a central (albeit neglected) feature of the yard. The house had seemingly been situated around it. Frontal View of House
Closer view of house and yard       Let's walk in closer. The agent has the key, and I don't see any dogs around.
Good! The linked photo brings us even closer to the house, and we can begin to see glimpses of the back yard. There are some more good sized trees in the back it appears. Let's go see!
     Boy, guess the back yard has plenty of potential. Of course, Arlene did have to inform me that the hot tub would also not be included. It didn't seem to be big enough to use as a pond anyway! Undeveloped Garden Space
View from the Deck      Say! This view from the deck does have potential. That sunny area over to the left . . . . I bet that would be the ideal place for a good sized decorative pond!
     Who cares about the house -- I'm ready to put in a bid on this place!
      Well, waddaya know? It appears that they DID accept my bid. We signed the papers the day before Thanksgiving, 1993.
      In early December, my carpenter friends were already starting the garage. Getting rid of those dog fences also opened up the view into the old back yard for probably the last time. Can hardly wait to see Mark's plans for the place. Isn't it good that he says we can keep the Loquat Tree?
Please visit the 1994 Spring and Summer page to see the yard gradually become Leather Oaks, the Rural Location!
Garage Foundations and Side Yard View